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This project is a group effort as part of the 2 weeks
D&AD New Blood Academy 2022.

I designed the graphic for presentation, as well as
DI work on deliverables for the campaign in
short timeframe of 3 days.


Art direction, UI/UX, Digital Imaging

“Not all athletes are born equal. Adidas has found that in London, Paris, New York and Tokyo, over 50% of girls don’t play competitive or individual sports and over 25% of girls stop playing sport between the ages of 14-17”. 

Challenge: Lift mental/physical barriers that are stopping young girls from seeing a future in competitive sports.

Our team chose karate as the main sport of focus, because despite the continously unsuccessful efforts to bring karate to the Olympics, it is still one of the fastest growing combat sports globally.

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For young female karatekas, puberty was one of the most common reason they stopped practicing. The fear of period blood showing on white uniform and the uniform that does not seem to be made for their changing bodies.

This is in conjunction with ilness, rapid weight change, and stress that can make things more unpredictable.
Insight: The Karate Gi is designed without consideration of female body in a male dominated space.

Idea/Execution: Stop inequality in karate by creating and marketing uniforms (Gis) specifically made for girls: 

1. Topwear that stays in place
2. Sports bra with built-in chest guards for extra layer of support
3. Reinforced material to lock moisture and prevent leakage
4. No hourglass figure, not too intimidating

Deliverables / Digital Imaging: